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10 Most Difficult University Courses In Nigeria

Nigerian Universities offer hundreds of courses in different disciplines. While some of these courses are simple – not as ABC – others are very hard – very hard. Most times, students avoid such hard courses. However, these hard courses are usually the most professional ones. 

Nevertheless, if you’re going to the University, it’s important to know what to expect. Is your course hard or difficult? Well, you can find out in this article as I list out the 10 most difficult Universities courses In Nigeria: 

1. Engineering 

Engineering is one of Nigeria’s most  difficult courses, requiring students to have tactical, analytical, critical thinking, and problem-solving capabilities. Choosing the Science field in secondary school is the first step towards a future in engineering. 

Every phase in an engineer’s career is difficult. Even still, possibilities for additional education and employment are good for engineers, which is perhaps why our elders keep pushing us. Applying for Engineering courses will also require high JAMB and screening test scores. 

2. Chartered Accountancy 

Working with numbers, so many numbers and records, isn’t a joke. While this is a safe professional route with good income, it is not without its challenges. From matching balance sheets to checking the accounting notebook for errors, a chartered accountant’s life is tough. 

3. Medicine 

The Medical Science courses are among Nigeria’s most  difficult. To begin the programme, students must score very high in JAMB as medical courses usually have the highest cut off marks. 

While this course is lengthy, it is spent studying rather than memorizing difficult textbooks, definitions, and diagrams. No medical student can afford to omit anything because everything they learn is vital. 

4. Architecture 

Studying architecture isn’t as easy as it sounds. Contrary to popular belief, it deals with the environment and its composition as well as interiors and exteriors. Using sustainable, biodegradable materials and techniques requires a keen and thoughtful mind. 

You’ll notice that each of Nigeria’s most  difficult courses offers plenty of job prospects and room for growth. With more schools offering architecture now, this course is giving the next generation a new viewpoint and helping them construct our future. 

5. Pharmacy 

In terms of industry, medicine and pharmacy are very different. Consider them as polar opposites. The structure and hard effort required for pharmacy make it one of the world’s toughest courses. This course, like the others on this list, has a wide range of employment options. 

Students pursuing a Bachelor of Pharmacy, Diploma in Pharmacy, or PhD in Pharmacy must all deal with chemistry and biology, which can be intimidating to some. They also study Ayurveda, Physiology, Drug Formulation, Human Anatomy, and other topics. 

6. Law 

Law is a very popular course but yet it has more than meets the eye. A profession in law involves, among other things, patience, integrity, perception, and a strong sense of self. While there are no scientific equations or mathematical problems to answer, students must keep their mind clear and alert. This is a popular job choice for non-math majors. 

7. Aeronautics 

Aeronautics is the study of how aircraft and spacecraft work. It is another demanding subject on our list since it examines the precise and painstaking planning and development of aviation engines, systems, and equipment. To make their plans come to life, Aeronautical Engineers study software like ground control software and flight software. 

They use mathematical and quantitative methods to assess the aircraft’s reliability. A profession in Aeronautical Engineering needs strong intelligence, technical knowledge of engines, and quick calculations. Aeronautical engineers are risk takers who need to be observant and analytical. Math and physics are required for aeronautical engineering. 

8. Psychology 

Psychology is a popular humanities subject that also connects with medical science. Psychology is a broad field of study that allows students to investigate human behavior in various circumstances such as individual, social, psychological, and industrial. 

Every day, every person has a unique emotion, which makes understanding the human mind difficult. Psychologists investigate people in various settings, including employees, criminals, students, children, persons with disabilities, and others. 

A profession in Psychology needs keen observation, communication skills, an investigative streak, and meticulousness

9. Quantum Mechanics 

One of the newly discovered black holes was detected in the Telescopium constellation using quantum mechanics. This course examines the natural forces. It has revealed the components and the physical nature of items. A difficult course that helps humans explore what lies inside minuscule particles-atoms and subatomic particles. 

Quantum physics explains why water is a liquid and a solid is hard. Atoms in solid and liquid states interact. Quantum Mechanics students should be very familiar with complex numbers, integral calculus, probability, functional integration and analysis. 

Do you want to work in Quantum Physics? Then you’ll need a bachelor’s and master’s degree in Physics to understand the subject’s basic and advanced parts. No doubt, it’s a difficult course.

10. Statistics 

The collection, representation, and interpretation of data is far more complex than it appears, making Statistics a worthy contender for one of Nigeria’s most difficult courses. Data collecting methods include sampling, observation, and randomized sampling. 

Depending on the data and population, several theories and methodologies are used to accurately depict it. Statistical approaches include t-test, ANOVA, and chi-square. Statistics is used to portray data in practically every field. Statistics requires logic, thinking, and numerical skills. It also takes a good memory to remember several formulas and their applications.

Bottom Line 

If your course is on this list, brace up as you have a lot of learning and studying to do.