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8 Best Shipping Companies In Nigeria (2021)

Transportation is a part of our everyday life. It is not just we humans who need to move from one place to another, there is also the need to move goods and services. These goods can be shipped via different methods, by land, air, sea, or water. For local shipping, the land is usually the best option while air and water are best for international shipping. Some companies specialize in shipping and logistics services in Nigeria. If you wish to ship goods or any item within Nigeria or out of the country, below are the top 8 best shipping companies you can make use of;

1. Derron Shipping and Logistics 

Derron Shipping and Logistics is a shipping company in Port Harcourt Nigeria. The company offers diverse services mainly to the Oil & Gas and Maritime Industries. DSL handles land transportation, warehousing, and distribution of goods all across Nigeria and internationally. With the help of partnership with several major air carriers, you can send goods to almost anywhere through DSL. 

Furthermore, the company carries out offshore logistics, husbandry services, port agency, contract logistics, and training services. With this shipping company, you have access to intuitive tracking so you can get updates on the transportation of your goods. 

2. King Shipping Trading 

King Shipping Trading is a Lagos-based shipping company that deals mainly in maritime services. The company was launched to provide the best services in the maritime industry to clients all around the world. Their activities includes supplying vessels with technical and provision stores. They are particular about quality as all goods are supplied in the best condition. 

This shipping company is one of the best in Nigeria and one notable reason is their reliable 24/7 support. King Shipping Trading also helps maritime investors by providing guidance so they can invest in the best maritime assets in Nigeria.

3. Comet Shipping Agencies 

Comet Shipping Agencies is owned by Nigeria American Line Ltd. (NAL) and the company had been operating in Nigeria for more than 30 years. Hence, the company is one of the most renowned shipping companies in Nigeria as they’ve gained much experience in the industry. 

Comet Shipping Agencies carry out comprehensive shipping and delivery and also terminal operations, oil servicing, underwater engineering, food product importation and distribution amongst other services. They operate from different ports in Lagos, Calabar, Warri, and Port Harcourt. Comet Shipping Agencies don’t operate from. Nigeria alone, they also operate from Namibia. 

4. Mediterranean Shipping Company 

MSC is a global shipping company. The company operates in the Americas, Africa, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and the Middle East. In Nigeria, the Mediterranean Shipping Company has an operating base in Lagos State. The shipping company provides variety of shipping services.

Some of these services include trade services, dry cargo, reefer cargo, project cargo, intermodal transportation, warehousing & storage solutions, cross trading, and customs clearance amongst others. They can handle your delivery no matter the size of complexity of the package. From the website, you can easily track your shipping at anytime. Furthermore, you can book shipment online and search for available transit options.

5. Fortune Global Shipping & Logistics Limited

Fortune Global is a relatively popular shipping company in Nigeria. They offer reliable logistics services and you can trust them to deliver. Notably, the company is more inclined in handling international shipment. FortuneGlobal utilizes industry-leading solutions and partners with global networks to make sure your packages reach anywhere you want. 

The company has 5 offices in different countries and their Nigerian office is located in Lagos State. They have worked with more than 500 satisfied clients from different parts of the world and have executed more than 250 shipping projects.

6. County Cargo 

County Cargo is one of the best shipping companies in Nigeria if you want to ship goods from the United Kingdom to Nigeria. They ship goods via sea and air channels and they are recommended because their shipping is not just efficient but also very affordable. County Cargo can also help you with procurement if you deal in machinery and industrial parts. 

Using County Cargo to ship goods is very easy. Their procedure is not complex as you simply need to sign up an account, make your order, pay for the service, and wait for the goods to get to you. Each shipment comes with a tracking number so you can always monitor the location of your shipment. 

7. Oregun Freight Handling Ltd

Oregun Freight Handling Ltd is a freight forwarding and shipping logistics company in Lagos. The company provides very reliable services and they always put you, the customer, first. If you’re more interested in freight, this is a shipping company you should checkout. 

All services offered by this shipping company include Freight Handling, Warehousing, Road Freight, Customs Clearance, Local Logistics, and Local Transport. They can deliver goods to anywhere across the globe; as they description reads We go wherever your goods need to go.

8. DTM Shipping 

Direct Shipping and Transport Limited has all the basic and fundamental amenities needed to ship goods from Nigeria to other parts of the world. The company is driven by success and efficiency to ensure that goods get delivered in their best condition and in record time. 

DTM carries out shipping via sea, road, and rail routes. They can handle your task no matter your industry and what you’re shipping. You also get professional shipping advice that’ll benefit your company. 


To send goods within Nigeria and out of the country, shipping companies are always needed especially when the goods are bulk. They handle the logistics ensuring that your goods get to their specified destination intact and free from damage. However, when picking the best shipping company in Nigeria to patronize, you must consi some factors. These factors include mode of transport, shipping cost, and delivery time frame. The shipping companies listed above are registered shipping and logistics companies in Nigeria so you can be sure of getting quality shipping services from them.