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How do I set up a barbing salon in Nigeria?

Barbering as a profession isn’t going anywhere as long as humans exist. People, most especially men, will always need to cut their hair to look neat and presentable as society demands. In Nigeria, this is a standard as no one wants to look at an unkempt hair. 

Do you plan on starting a bathing saloon business in Nigeria? Well, the good news is that there are lots of customers. On the other hand, there are lots of barbing saloons too. Hence, if you don’t plan well, you won’t get any of the lots of customers. 

It’s a good thing you’re on this page. I’ll be explaining, with simple tips, how you can set up a barbing salon business in Nigeria.

Learn The Job

Not only must you master the clipper, but also the art of tracing the hairline, trimming, and shaving to name a few. The time you spend learning depends on your passion, effort, and dedication; it can be months or years. 

Whether you want to run the salon yourself or hire a professional barber as an investor, you need to grasp what the job is all about. If your boss is busy and you are available to fill in, you should be able to do so. You should try to study and improve your skills. 

Draw Your Plan 

Now you need to go into the business aspect. A good business plan is also required at this point. Check for places where there are not many barber shops, compare the cost of renting businesses, the average cost of a haircut in such places, the scope of operations, and more.

Location is crucial in the barbering industry, therefore focus on places that are easily accessible to all. It is best to situate your shop near a busy road or in a popular location. A good location attracts more customers. A residential area is also a good site because people go to the salon after work or even before work on weekends.

Rent Your Shop 

If you have done your homework, you should be able to find a good place to rent in a good location. It could be in a crowded mall, plaza, or road. Again, location is important in the barbershop industry. So, if you want to make a good profit from your barbershop, you must find the best location nearby. 

It is best if the shop is large enough to accommodate your customers while also allowing for socializing. It’s ideal because when you’re working on a customer, others may be waiting. A large shop will allow you to have more chairs and room for your customers to wait.

Start Furnishing

Furnishing a barbershop shouldn’t be too expensive as you can always start small. You can acquire a nice and comfortable revolving chair for your customers to sit on while you barb their hair. The revolving type makes your job easier because you don’t have to move, just stand still and turn the chair. Also, get extra seats for your waiting customers. 

Paint your shop in your own unique way with good color combinations. Place enticing barbing salon photos & wallpapers to impress your customers and make your business stand out from the crowd. It’s a plus if the photos are your own work. 

Buy Barbing Equipments 

Your barbing salon won’t be complete without barbing equipment. There are so many types of equipment you can get but it depends on your budget. It’s safe to buy the primary ones and get the rest later.

Here are equipment you’ll need:

  • Hair clippers
  • Hair Trimmers
  • Barber Shears
  • Cover clothes
  • Mirrors
  • Straight Razor
  • Sterilizing and Disinfectant Supplies
  • Hair products and cosmetics; hair creams, hair sprays, dyes, powder, aftershave, relaxers, conditioners, and others
  • Miscellaneous tools including combs, hair brush, scissors, blades, tissue papers, and others 
  • Fans
  • Air Conditioners
  • Head washing basin
  • Towels and towel warmer
  • TV and Music Player
  • Standby generator
  • Long Shaving Brush and Powder Slot
  • Barbers Duster Brush
  • Barber’s Neck Strip
  • Neck Tissue Paper
  • And many others

Brand Your Business 

For branding, pick a name that is easy to read, say, and remember. Make a logo to go with your business name. While creating a brand for your barbershop is crucial, you shouldn’t overspend as a start-up. 

Simply find a graphic designer who can design a basic logo within your budget. In addition, you can come up with a motto. With a memorable logo and name, your barbershop will be easy to refer to by anyone in your area. 

One way to differentiate yourself from the competition is to establish a website where existing and new customers can request your service and choose the time you will arrive at their home. Or, you can simply go with social media, especially Facebook and Instagram. 

Register Your Business 

Business registration is very important in Nigeria and it’s no different for barbing salons. However, many barbers skip it; you shouldn’t. Aside from the trainer’s certificate, another certificate you must have is the CAC certificate. When you register your business, you become a legal owner of your brand. 

Go Further 

As the barbering salon industry is highly competitive, it’s wise to provide additional services to differentiate yourself. These extra services can make you a one-stop store for everyone. 

For example, you can offer to train other upcoming barbers, provide video games, snooker, and table tennis, or sell food and beverages. These will make your shop more popular and bring more customers.

Bottom Line 

Now you have an ideal on how to start a barbing salon business in Nigeria. Note that nothing is fixed; you can still be spontaneous with how you go about your barbing salon business.