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How To Get A Nigerian Passport To Travel Out

A Nigerian passport is useful for many purposes. For one thing, it is required to enter any country in the globe except West African countries where only ECOWAS passports are required to enter 15 African countries. In this article, I’ll be explaining how you can apply and get a Nigerian passport. 

Applying for a Nigerian passport 

Applying for a Nigerian passport is easy. It can be done online or offline, with a longer wait time. Online is more convenient. Here’s how to do it online: 

Visit the Nigerian Immigration Portal on your smartphone or PC. At the top of the page is a scrolling column that welcomes you to the portal and tells you to READ MORE. Locate and select the desired application form. 

Once you have chosen your passport type, regular e-passport or official e-passport, fill out the form that appears. Provide accurate data. Check the “I accept full responsibility for the information supplied in this form” box at the end. Print the form by clicking Print. To view the applicant’s details page you must click the Submit application button.

Paying for your passport  

Then comes payment. You can pay in naira or dollars, just select your preference. Payment is similar to other financial apps. If you choose to pay in naira, the website will ask whether you want to pay by ‘bank’ or ‘debit/credit card’. If you choose to pay via bank, the page will show you options. 

The new 64-page passport costs N70,000. A new 32-page passport costs N25,000, while a 64-page passport costs N35,000. 

After selecting your desired bank, a column appears to print an acknowledgment slip. With transaction, registration, and reference numbers. You pay at your selected bank with the acknowledgment slip. Upon payment, you must be given a payment receipt with a validation number that you can use to verify that you have paid the correct cost. 

If you pay by credit or debit card, you will be asked for your login details before being redirected to the payment gateway. After that, click the login button to access the payment portal. After that, you’ll be asked to enter your card details, and the validation number will be created. Keep this number for future reference. Click “Print a receipt” to keep a copy. 

Validation Numbers 

Follow the link to the Nigerian Immigration Portal for payment confirmation. The steps are; enter your passport application ID and Reference Number in “Query your application payment status”. In the Validation Number field put the printout’s number. 

Following that, you will be brought to the “Applicants Details” page where an interview date will be automatically produced for you. Use the button on this page to print an acknowledgment slip. Keep it for your interview. 

Foreign Payments 

If you’re outside of Nigeria, the default currency is dollars. You will be transferred to an approved payment gateway to finish your application and pay in dollars. After payment confirmation, go to the interview with the necessary documents. This is required to obtain your interview schedule, e-receipt, and acknowledgment slip. 

E-Receipt & Guarantors Form

For your e-receipt, click the “Query your application payment status” button. On the next screen, pick “Passport”. Now insert the Application ID, Reference Number, and Validation Number. Submit your info now. 

Your complete application should show shortly. Click “Print this Receipt” at the bottom of the page. Click on the passport guarantor’s form on the portal. Enter the reference and ID number and then print it. A guarantor must submit the following: 

  • A photocopy of a Nigerian passport’s data page
  • National ID or Driver’s License 

Interview Documents 

For a Standard Passport, you will require the following documents. 

  • A letter of identity from your LGA
  • A statement of your birth date and age
  • Recent passport photos 
  • Guarantors form signed by a Commissioner of Oaths, magistrate or High Court judge
  • A note from the parents is required for youngsters under the age of 16
  • An original marriage certificate is required if the applicant is married. 

Finally, send the application to the embassy or high commission. 


All passport applications require an acknowledgment slip, payment receipt, and two recent pictures. Ensure to print out all completed application forms. Completed application forms must be returned to the passport office, embassy or high commission. Applicants must enter their names correctly. Any military or paramilitary positions or titles of Royal fathers or chiefs must be excluded. 

The technology may delay the passport preparation process if it detects a difference between the information provided in the application and that held by the National Identity Management Commission. 

Applicants should keep a uniform appearance. Hair color, facial characteristics, and other body and face identifiers should be kept consistent to avoid identity theft and forgery, which are crimes.

Payments can be made online or at the passport office’s authorised bank. The prerequisites for a new passport are the same as for an old one, except for the required National Identification Number (NIN) (NIMC). This is vital because the Nigerian government intends to construct a one-person-one-identity system. Nulla a luz 

Adults (18+) can get a passport with a validity of 10-5 years. Those under 18 can only choose a 5-year passport. Old passports are valid until they expire, so keep them until you need to renew them.