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How To Succeed As An Upcoming Artist In Nigeria

Every upcoming artist wants to make it out of the “upcoming” industry. Getting your music out for the world to listen should be your dream if you choose to venture into music. The music stars you see today were once unknown, they did the work and are now enjoying the fame and wealth that follows a successful musician. So if you need to know how to blow in music, this article will be giving you some insights;

1. Make Good Music

Making good music is the first step if you wish to blow in music. Your music should have good content and something that will entice your target audience. It is not always recommended that you join the upcoming trends. Though it has its advantages, it would be ideal if you stick to your style especially if it is unique. The problem with jumping on the trending style is that your music might fade off once the trend is no longer trending. You do not want to be a one-hit-wonder, to become a successful artist you must stay mainstream.

Making good music is also not all about your content and style; it also has to do with the quality of the content you put out. You may write a good and amazing song but people won’t listen if the audio quality is poor. Therefore, utilize quality studios; work with good instrumental producers and sound engineers to ensure that the quality of your songs is top-notch. Take your time to review your work and eliminate all possible spoilers. Your work should be near perfect if perfection cannot be attained. 

2. Perform Your Music

People might listen and like your songs but if they do not know the face behind them, they might not follow up on your next releases. Performing your music is the best way to sell your face as you put out your music. When you perform, the audience listens to your song and also watches the artists. It is noteworthy that your appearance can help you sell your music as well. Take Wizkid for example; his early days in the industry saw a lot of people interested in his Swag as much as they were interested in his music.

Another advantage of performing your music is that you can also earn from it. Some show owners might be willing to make you money even as an upcoming if your performance was great. No matter how small the cash may be, it will be a motivation and also can help you push your songs in one way or two. 

3. Promote Your Music

Music promotion is always essential as an upcoming artiste. It is only by music promotion that others can get to know your music. There are many ways you can promote your music. The internet today has made music promotion fairly easy. You can run adverts to promote your music on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and even Google. Online adverts do cost some cash but it also does bring positive returns. 

Offline promotion is also vital and it has helped many artists succeed in the past. You can submit your music to marketers, DJs to add in their mixes, etc. The point is to get your music out so as many people as possible can listen to it. Your family and friends can also help you promote your music by sharing it with others and advertising it on their social media profiles/pages and statuses.

4. Do Features and Collaborations

Of course, you have seen some artists blow off after doing collaborations with other artists. An ideal example would be an artiste like Runtown. Runtown was introduced into the limelight after he collaborated with Davido on the song Gallardo. The song was a hit and with eyes turned on Runtown, he kept delivering and never looked back.

If you have access to other musicians who can deliver good content and who have attained fame no matter how little, collaborating with them would add much positivity to your music career. Sometimes, these collaborations can be very expensive especially when the artiste is a very famous person. Therefore if you get the opportunity, endeavour to give it your best. 

5. Connect With Fans

Every successful musician out there is nothing without their fans. If you have to succeed, you have to build your fan base. A good fan base no matter the size can help you in various ways especially in promoting your music. To build a good fan base, you need to connect and interact with them properly.

The best way to do this is by utilizing social media; Facebook and Twitter are the best social media platforms for easy interaction with others. Keep your fans up to date with happenings in your career. Is there a new song to be released? Are you performing at a show? Are you shooting a music video? They should be informed so they give you their support. Ghosting your fans can do more harm than good to your music career. 

6. Humility & Patience

Humility and Patience are life virtues and you need them if you are going to succeed in the music industry. First of all, you need to be humble to those that were there before you – they can help push you in various ways. However, bear in mind that humility does not mean self-disrespect.

Know your worth and if any of the music terms offered to you does not suit your interest, it is ok to refuse it. Success is not always easy to attain. Some may have it easy while others have had to work very hard. Whichever way it is for you, it is vital to exercise patience. You never know when things will turn around.

Bottom Line

The music industry is a crowded one. There are so many artists out there and to succeed you need talent and also hard work. Hopefully, implementing the above tips will help you get out of the “upcoming” bracket and set you on your journey of being a music star.