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Top 10 Rocks In Nigeria

Nigeria has an interesting topography. The country has several rocks in different states and these act as tourist attractions. People travel from different parts of Nigeria and also from outside the country. If you’re interested in visiting these rocks, here are the top 10 rocks in Nigeria; 

1. Aso Rock 

Aso Rock is unarguably the most popular rock in Nigeria. Located in Abuja, it’s where the Nigerian Presidential Villa (Aso Presidential Villa) gets its name. In fact, most people who use Aso Rock are referring to the Villa instead of the rock itself. At its highest point, Aso Rock has an Elevation of 3071 feet and a Prominence of 1,300 ft. You can easily sight this giant rock from almost anywhere in Abuja. When you visit Aso Rock, you’ll find the Nigerian Presidential Complex, Nigerian Supreme Court, and the Nigerian National Assembly. 

2. Olumo Rock

You’ll find Olumo Rock in the ancient city of Abeokuta in Ondo state. When it comes to tourist attractions, no rock in Nigeria beats the Olumo Rock. At a height of 137 meters above sea level the rock attracts people from near and far. In ancient times, Olumo Rock was used for protection during inter-tribal wars. Till today, the Rock is still sacred to the Yoruba Religion, most especially the Egba people. Olumo Rock is believed to have a patron spirit which is venerated as an Orisha in the Yoruba religion.

3. Zuma Rock

Look for a N100 (One Hundred Naira) the Rock you see at the back is the Zuma Rock. It’s a very large rock with a 2,300 ft elevation and 980 ft prominence at its highest point. In terms of size, the Zuma Rock is second only to the Aso Rock. You’ll find Zuma Rock in Niger State. The rock is located along the road from Niger to Abuja hence why it’s called the Gateway to Abuja from Suleja. In ancient times during the inter-tribal ways, the Gbagyi people used Zuma rock for defense.

4. Wase Rock

At number 4, we have the unique Wase Rock. This rock gets its name from the Wase town in Jos, Plateau state where it’s located. It rises to a highest point of 1,398 ft above sea level. Geographers have described this rock as a volcanic plug. You can see it if you’re within 40 kilometers of its location; that’s how massive the Wase Rock is. The rock’s vertical sides are cut in half by a tiny cleft at the summit, while the base is encircled by talus slopes. 

5. Riyom Rock

Riyom Rock is another rock in Jos, Plateau State. You’ll find it in Riyom Local Government and the rock is renowned for its unique structure. This is because the rock appears like the map of Plateau state when viewed from one angle. Interesting right? Many say it’s one of the wonders of nature. The Riyom Rock features about 4 rocks with each one placed on top of the other. For a rock that has existed for thousands of years, one can only imagine how the other rocks were placed on top. 

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6. Gibadi Rock

Gibadi Rock is not very popular across Nigeria. Nevertheless, it’s one of the top 10 rocks in Nigeria. Located in Sokoto State, Gibadi Rock is listed as one of the points of interest in the northwestern state. It sits in the same category with places like the Emir’s Palace, and the Museum. Although a tourist attraction, not much is known about the Gibadi Rock because of its importance to natives. It’s believed that the rock contains ancient fossils that can provide the world with a clue to the origin of life.

7. Udi Hills 

For number 7, we go to the south eastern part of Nigeria; Enugu state to be precise. You can find the Udi Hills in the North Local Government. When you get there, you might also hear natives calling it the Ugwueme Hills. Udi Hills has a special spot on Nigerian history as it was the first site of the first coal mine. The Udi Hills are estimated to rise at about 240 meters above sea level. It acts as a backdrop for the town of Enugu and is the number tourist attraction in the entire state.

8. Shere Hills

Once again, we have the Shere Hills in Jos, Plateau State. We can conclude that Plateau State has the most major rocks in Nigeria. Shere Hills isn’t just one rock but a range of rocks. At the highest point, the hills reach a 6,0001 ft elevation. At such a massive height, most people will refer to the Shere Hills as a mountain instead of a rock. In fact, it’s the third highest point in Nigeria after the Chappal Waddi and the Mambilla Plateau.

9. Agbaku Rocks 

The Agbaku Rocks form a cave. From appearance, they look like giant slices of bread. The rocks are present in south western Nigeria in Oyo state. Specifically, it’s in the capital city of the Old Oyo Empire. In the present day, the site is the Old Oyo National Park. In the past, Oyo-Alaafin warriors hid in the caves during war. It’s renowned as one the top 3 heritage sites in Nigeria. 

10. Kufena Hills

At number 10, we close this list with the Kufena Hills. The hills are located in Zaria Local Government in Kaduna State. It features a rough landscape with a variety of landforms and is 825 meters above sea level. Because the Kufena Hills are said to have supernatural abilities, certain traditional religious groups periodically offer various types of prayers, sacrifices, and conversing with celestial beings.

Bottom Line 

This list can go on and on as there are so many rocks and hills in Nigeria. However, we’re looking at just the top 10 rocks in Nigeria which I have listed above. You can take your time to travel to these locations and see them yourselves.