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Top 15 Nigerian Twitter Influencers in 2021

There are exclusive influencers in the Nigerian Twitter space. These aren’t the musicians you see on TV or the actors or actresses whose movies you watch. Most people would call them celebrities because on the bird app, they are celebrated as celebrities. Here’s a list of some of them; 

1. Ogbeni Dipo 

Ogbeni Dipo is a very popular Nigerian Twitter influencer with more than 800 thousand followers. Although he is Nigerian, he lives and works in the UK as a lecturer at the Nottingham Business School. He’s a brand ambassador of various Nigerian and foreign brands like Plusworld and IELTS. Dr Dipo majorly influences business, career, and education niches.

2. Dr Pam Pam 

Uncle Pamilerin as he’s also known as has more than 500 thousand followers on the bird app. He’s an entrepreneur and a major brand influencer on Nigerian Twitter. Dr Pam Pam might just be the most influential when it comes to business and entertainment. Also, he’s the co-owner of Lacibo – a restaurant and lounge in Surulere, Lagos.

3. Dr Olufunmilayo 

Here’s another Nigerian Twitter influencer that lives and works in the UK. Our Favorite Online Doctor as his account name reads has more than 359 thousand Twitter followers. As a doctor, he’s very influential in health and wellness. If he says Nigerians should stop eating breakfast for some reasons, a good number of his followers will stop – he won’t anyways. 

4. Samuel Mbah

If you’ve ever heard people discussing a Nigerian Twitter influencer that’s bald, there’s a 95% chance that they’re talking about Mbah. This guy has managed to surpass 400k followers just because he has a bald head and the followers always make jokes of it. However, that’s not all, Mbah brings all the fun and cruise you’ll ever need. 

5. Rinu

SavvyRinu, with the verified tick is an all-round influencer. Before known, she was known as Chemical Sister but rebranded during and after the EndSars period, a time when she showed Nigerian how philanthropic she is. Since then, she’s always been celebrated on the timeline. On her birthday on 1st November 2020, Wizkid used her as his profile picture.

6. Danny Walter 

Danny Walter is a business guy who sells shoes with his brand Shoes Fleet. When he’s active, you’ll know because you’ll find his comments advertising his really nice shoes on top Twitter posts. However, he’s also a social influencer on Twitter as he’s gathered lots of followers. Unfortunately, Danny has had his accounts banned on several occasions. 

7. Moe

Moe “Mochievous” is another Nigerian Twitter influencer with the blue tick. She has more than 330 thousands followers on the platform and is a major influencer on matters concerning feminism and patriarchy. When not influencing Twitter, Moe is a startup lawyer and investor. She also creates digital products and helps professionals begin their consulting practices.

8. Akproko Doctor 

After Dr Olufunmilayo, Akproko Doctor is the most influential person on health matters on Twitter. Everyday, Akproko Doctor disturbs his almost one million followers to take up one healthy challenge or the other. He’s either telling you to drink more water, exercise, eat fruits, stop taking much soda, etc – if you love your health, you’ll listen to him. 

9. FK Abudu 

FK Abudu has been the victim of several draggings on Twitter mainly concerning feminist affairs. However, she’s a strong woman that always comes out even stronger. Along with Jola, she conducts the ISWISPodcast – a very interesting one if you have to hear discussions about “everything”. FK Abudu has more than 470 thousand followers on Twitter. 

10. Beardless Smallie 

In 2020, during the lockdown, the Twitter violence community was launched. This community is headed by Beardless Smallie as the President and they’re all about the chaos that goes down on the Twitter space. If you have a rough day, just visit beardless smallie’s Twitter page in the evening and relieve all the hottest episodes of that day’s Twitter.

11. Pengman 

Pengman is a model and Twitter influencer with more than 109 followers. He’s a staunch Wizkid Stan and a verified member of Wizkid FC on Twitter. Pengman is influential on music and fashion takes. He owns a YouTube channel where he reviews and reactions on the latest music and music videos from Nigerian artists. 

12. Alex

Who goes by the name Four Eyed Edo Boy? It’s Alex, a very skilled writer with some of the most intelligent tweet-jokes you’ll find on the Twitter platform. Trust me, you too will be stunned on how he manages to come up with what he posts. His apt use of memes and comic videos have seen him attract more than 570 thousand followers on the bird app. 

13. Mazi Ibe

Mazi Ibe is a social media marketer and brand ambassador. He’s a Twitter influencer on public relation matters. This influencer has more than 320 thousand followers on Twitter. His content ranges across different niches but most of them are on entertainment, sports, and business. 

14. Shank 

Shank is one of the newest Twitter influences on this list. He is known mainly for his comical contents which includes mainly pictures but also videos. Twitter has placed a ban on his account on several occasions but he never gives up. He promotes brands and businesses from varying niches 

15. Obong Roviel 

Last here is Obong Rivel. He has more than 410 thousand followers on the Twitter platform and his posts are usually on entertainment especially music. If you want to get all the gist about the top music artists in Nigeria whenever something new happens, you should be on his timeline. 

People might not scream on top of their voice or act starstrucked when they see any of the people on this list but on Nigerian Twitter, they’re as influential as a celebrity can be. While these guys are “influencers” on Twitter they are still professionals and active in their various fields; some are students too. In other words, they have a life after Twitter.