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Top Christmas Tourist Attractions In Nigeria 2021

Tourism is essential to many economies worldwide. It has many advantages for host cities. Tourism increases economic revenue, produces thousands of employment, improves infrastructure, and fosters cultural interchange between visitors and natives. 

Tourism-dependent governments invest much in their country’s infrastructure. They want more tourists to visit their country, thus safe and modern facilities are required. This results in new roads, parks, public areas, airports, and maybe better schools and hospitals. 

Safe and sophisticated infrastructures enable for smooth trade. Locals also benefit from increased economic and educational opportunities. It creates jobs in many different areas. Many visitors go to experience the host country’s culture, traditions, and cuisine. This is incredibly advantageous for local businesses. 

For Nigeria and Nigerians, it’s not different and the country boasts of so many tourist attractions. One of the best in West Africa. Well, December and Christmas are almost upon us. If you’re wondering where you can spend your time, here are the top Christmas tourist attractions in Nigeria. 

Obudu Cattle Ranch

This is a favorite holiday location for Nigerian families in December. This tourist destination has a lot to offer. This is where most foreign tourists come to enjoy Nigerian culture and nature. The Obudu Cattle Ranch has a water park, water slide, and swimming pool for individuals who can swim or enjoy the scenery of water. It is also the ideal spot to experience nature, from forest treks to wildlife sightings on land, sea, and air. It has evolved into a more sophisticated vacation destination, and the prices are reasonable and of high quality. 

Wonderland Theme Park & Hotel 

This is another location to have fun and relax. It’s now a world-class recreation center. It is also surrounded by notable Nigerian landmarks such as the national stadium. Guests may enjoy entertaining games and rides at Wonderland Amusement Park & Resort; from toddlers through adults and grandmothers. This is an ideal location to rest and reflect on the last year as you welcome the new one. 

Ikeja Mall 

A trip to the Ikeja retail mall in Lagos State is guaranteed to be entertaining. It’s more than going to a mall, in my opinion. Located in Ikeja, this area is recognized for its family-friendly leisure alternatives like a theater and a kiddie zone. The retail complex also has dozens of eateries serving the best African dishes on a hot plate. 

Okomu National Park 

The top places to visit in December must include Okomu National Park in Edo State. Know why? It’s ideal for a picnic! Picnics! You’ll need an umbrella, mats, drinks, meals, fruits, and balls. As a Rainforest, you will be amazed by the 150 bird species, each with its own acrobatic act. See the White-throated Monkey, Forest Elephants, and 33 more wildlife species here. 

Idanre Hills 

Do you know Idanre Hills? It’s like a tourist attraction in another African country, yet it is in Nigeria. This particular location has many historical and architectural works concerning our motherland. It is in Ondo state and has naturally arranged ills that will amaze you. It takes 640 steps to climb to the summit of the hill, and there are 5 resting areas built into the steps. The Idanre hills are a great destination to visit in December for those who enjoy nature and greenery. 

Yankari Games Park 

Any Nigerian child who enjoys nature should be familiar with Yankari. The Yankari Game Reserve is one of the best places in Nigeria to watch baboons, hippos, elephants, and other 50 kinds of animals, including fish and birds. The Wikki River is a natural swimming hole. It is a place for both outdoor and indoor sports. 

National Museum of Benin 

This is a great and well-known place in Benin, Edo State. Benin is noted for its rich pre-colonial history. The Benin City National Museum displays terracotta, bronze, and cast iron antiquities from the Benin Empire. 

Olumo Rock

Olumo rock is one of Nigeria’s most popular rocks. Located in Ogun State’s capital, this location features large prehistoric granite outcrops. Standing on a rock allows you to see the entire state. You will like the rock caverns. The rock rises 137m above sea level. Wow! 

Enemabia Spring 

Take a trip to Ememabia Warm Spring in Benue State, Nigeria, for your Christmas break. This is a great area to experience natural water! Schools also use this spot for field trips in Benue. Get off the couch and head to the Enemabia warm spring for a terrific sightseeing excursion. 

Owu Falls 

Maybe I should have mentioned this sooner, but they say the best is saved for last – Owu waterfalls in Kwara state. Located in Owu Isin Local Government Area of Kwara State, it is a must see in December. The 330 foot waterfall has an ice-cold pool below it. While it is a popular destination for most Nigerians, it is prudent to know the rules of the road when visiting a waterfall. This is a budget-friendly destination. 

Bottom Line 

Tourism is one of the best ways for foreigners to learn about new cultures, but it also benefits locals. It enables young entrepreneurs to create innovative products and services that might otherwise be unsustainable. Residents also get the benefits of domestic tourism.

If you plan on coming to Nigeria for Christmas, the 10 places listed above are some of the best tourist centers in the country. Even if you’re a Nigerian in Nigeria, you can equally travel around and see more of your country.