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Where To Sell GiftCards In Nigeria

Buying and selling of gift cards is very common in Nigeria. However, the problem most people have with it is finding a reliable trading platform. As with every other online business, there’s the risk of falling into the hands of scammers who’ll run away with your cards. 

Nevertheless, there are some trusted GiftCard trading platforms in Nigeria that you can trust. In this article, I’ll be listing out the top ones. First of all, let’s know a bit about the GiftCards.

What are GiftCards?

GiftCards can be physical or digital prepaid. They are normally given as gifts when you purchase goods or services from the card provider. For example, you can win an Amazon GiftCard when you purchase stuff from the online store. 

These GiftCards have monetary value – $100, $200, and so on. Hence, you can use them to buy or pay for other goods and services or simply redeem them for cash. For example, you can use an Amazon GiftCard to shop on Amazon. 

The most common GiftCards you’ll find in Nigeria includes iTunes, Amazon, Steam, Visa, eBay, Target, and Walmart to name but a few. Now, check out the best platforms to sell GiftCards in Nigeria:


CARDTONIC is the number one GiftCard exchange platform in Nigeria. This is so because the platform is exclusively for GiftCard trading – there’s no other service available. 

With CARDTONIC, you can exchange your giftcards for cash in less than 10 minutes – they are that fast. In addition, you can access the platform from about anywhere. You can use the web platform via a browser or download the mobile app for Android and iOS devices respectively. 

To sell gift cards, simply select the GiftCard type, enter the value, and upload the GiftCard and receipt pictures. You’ll get a notification once the card has been traded and your balance will update. You can then withdraw the money to your account. 

CARDTONIC features some of the best rates you can get for Giftcards. Also, they support a wide range of GiftCard types. You don’t pay any fee to use the platform or to withdraw money. You get 100% of the value of the card you sell. 

2. Patricia 

Patricia is a popular platform in Nigeria. While the platform is more popular for trading cryptocurrencies, most especially BTC, it also has a reliable GiftCard exchange channel. 

So far, Patricia has recorded more than 650k registered users with over 30k daily transactions. This shows many people trust their service. Also Patricia isn’t available in Nigeria alone but in over 10 countries. 

To use Patricia, you have to download the mobile app. You can get this app from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store for android and iOS respectively. In addition, you can use the Patricia website via a browser too. 

Using the app is easy as everything is straightforward. You’ll get paid in a short while after trading your card and you can withdraw the money to your bank account at any time. Furthermore, you can directly trade your Gift Cards for cryptocurrency. 

3. LegitCards 

Legitcards has been selling gift cards in Nigeria for a long time. They provide a good platform for Nigerians to sell gift cards and digital currencies securely and quickly at a premium rate without the need for a middleman. 

No doubt, they are one of the top sites in Nigeria for selling gift cards. accepts the following gift cards: Amazon, iTunes, Steam, Google Play, Nordstrom, Sephora, eBay, Vanilla, Walmart, and American Express are just a few examples of online retailers. 

Customers can exchange digital cash for naira in addition to gift cards. Trading on the Legitcards platform offers quick and efficient service, ensuring that clients’ gift cards and monies are not lost to online rippers or scammers. 

To sell your gift cards with LegitCards, you must make use of their website. They don’t feature any apps but you can trade with them on WhatsApp. It’s important that you connect to them on WhatsApp via their website to be sure you’re using the correct phone number. 

4. Rocket (Chiji14Exchange)

You must have heard of Chiji14Exchange. Now known as Rocket, the platform is one of the best platforms for exchanging cryptocurrency and gift cards in Nigeria. It’s one of the easiest to use as well. 

You can simply download the Rocket App from Google Play Store if you use Android. The app is also available in the Apple App Store for iOS devices. From the app dashboard, select Sell GiftCards and you can start selling. 

One of the reasons why Rocket is one of the best is that the platform is secure. There’s KYC verification and also 2 Factor Authentication. You can be rest assured that your transactions are safe and secure. 

Once you sell your Gift Cards, you can easily withdraw the money to your bank account. Chiji14Exchange has been featured in top platforms like TheGuardian, BusinessDay, and Vanguard so you can trust them with your money. 

5. Presmit 

Presmit may not be very popular but it’s a legit platform where you can sell your gift cards for cash. You can trade your gift cards for Naira and also for cryptocurrencies like BTC or USDT. The Presmit app is available in the Google Play Store and also Apple App Store.

Presmit is a user-friendly app which means you’ll have no problem learning how to use it. Furthermore, the platform boasts of a reliable 24/7 customer support service. If you ever run into any problems, you can count on them for a solution. 

Presmit offers instant payment. Immediately your GiftCard is verified, you can withdraw the money to your bank account. 

Bottom Line

If you’re looking for where to sell your GiftCards In Nigeria, I’m sure you now know the best platforms.